Welcome to TEXTARA, where communication is more than the exchange of words.


No matter which goal you are aiming for, communication is key!
TEXTARA  supports you with know-how, creative content, and innovative strategies. 


Motivated employees. Content clients. Successfull companies. 


In a world of noise and chaos, taking the time to listen is key.


In 2016, TEXTARA was founded as a small company providing text- and language services. Ever since it has developed into a communication agency. Thanks to countless experiences, important further training, and interesting cooperations communication is now at the forefront of TEXTARA's services. Expert knowledge in business psychology as well as international communication and more than 10 years of experience are what lead to excellent services and reliability. 

TEXTARA focuses on a holistic communication approach. Internal and external communication therefore go hand in hand and all stakeholfers are involved. A special interest lies in promoting mental health through communication. 


My name is Robina Kuntara. I hold degrees in Intercultural Communication/Translating & Interpreting and Business Psychology. In 2016, after many work experiences around the globe, it was time for me to fly solo.


There are two major interests that drive me. First, I want to promote the importance of communication in all business relations. Second, I am a mental health and selfcare advocate who fights for a deeper understanding of the effect communication has on mental health. 

My own selfcare routine includes sports, traveling, writing, reading, music and cats. 


In a world of endless information, deliberately chosen words are key. 


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In a world of permanent pressure, taking care of employees is key. 


... communication is key ... 

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